Why do Fortune Global 500 companies choose ELCY as their digital partner for trade finance processing?

ELCY is unique

elcyMBP is the only multi-bank platform enabling corporates to undertake secure and authenticated communication with all global banks, through one portal, for all their Import and Export trade finance processing.

ELCY cares

ELCY trade finance solutions have been designed by highly experienced trade finance specialists and are therefore immediately intuitive to use. But ELCY does not simply develop software. The ELCY team can advise on your whole trade finance set-up.  And we provide dedicated 24/7 support for all our worldwide clients.

ELCY corporates have real time control

ELCY’s functionality allows clients to choose the most efficient way to handle trade finance business, reduce operational risk and speed up processing. The digitalisation of trade gives management immediate control of their worldwide trade finance activity and exposures in real time.

ELCY banks achieve straight through processing

Any bank in the world is able to securely receive authenticated operative instruction via the ELCY multi-bank portal and can select from a range of communication channels to route trade finance messages to its front, middle and operations teams. Many ELCY banks are now electing for a fully integrated solution with ELCY via APIs to achieve straight through processing for their trade finance business.

ELCY future-proofs trade finance

ELCY constantly seeks to harness technology and advances in automation to streamline trade finance processes. ELCY clients remain at the forefront of the latest advances in digitisation. Our aim is to ensure that our upgrades in technology satisfy the critical test of providing clear added value to our clients.

ELCY celebrates its 20th anniversary with record global trade finance volumes

$200 billion

Annual trade finance transactions by value


Annual number of trade finance messages sent and received

For Takeda, ELCY has provided an easily scalable state of the art solution for managing our guarantees globally. By making the switch from the traditional paper-based methods offered by banks, as well as a range of different in-house banking tools, to ELCY, it has allowed us to benefit significantly in the speed at which guarantees can be requested and issued. This is of particular importance in the pharmaceutical sector where tenders can be very short notice and the timely delivery of medical products is critical. Through the use of ELCY we have been able to manage several global facilities all on the ELCY platform and provide clear information for our reporting purposes.

Ben O’Higgins, Senior Treasury Analyst


Daily communication is more efficient and streamlined with the aid of ELCY. Audit trails, alert e-mails and an easy but clear creation tool for L/Cs have helped maximise our trade finance performance since adopting ELCY.

During this time we have seen a vast number of new features and upgrades that continue to improve this effective trade finance tool.

Chris Lubwama, Deputy General Manager

With the development of COVID 19 and tightened measures it brought in, the benefit of being able to have access to electronic platform like ELCY for operational requirement is without doubt being much appreciated by the bank and our clients. The engagement of ELCY makes HSBC one of a client’s key trade banks and reinforces HSBC’s position as one of the leading trade finance banks in the world, thanks to the competitive advantage ELCY positions us.

Doris Chong, Business Management Support

At EDF Trading, we have found the multi-bank portal (ELCYmbp) an efficient way of streamlining our trade finance processes and bank communications.



Simon Chattell, Global Head of Treasury EDF Trading

Standard Chartered Bank is at the forefront of trade digitisation and we are always looking at ways to help our clients digitise their trade flows. As a member of the ELCY network, we are excited to be supporting the digital trade needs of our clients who are also users of ELCY.

Samuel Mathew, Global Head, Flow & FI Trade, Standard Chartered Bank

Bunge started to be an active user of the ELCY platform beginning 2015. Since then we have used both the letters of credit and the collections modules very intensively, constantly at our complete satisfaction. Having a flexible and user-friendly tool at our disposal has been a key element for Bunge in order to communicate with our pool of banks and manage our volumes of banking instruments. In this regard the support given by the ELCY teams on a day-to-day basis and their ability to customize their product and bring new functionalities has always been considered as extremely valuable.

Raphael Wolfer, Trade Finance Officer, BUNGE S.A.

ELCY ensures efficient, structured and secure exchange of information with our banks and collateral managers. The system is open to customized levels of integration and it represents a flexible single communication channel with multiple banks. We have been extensively using the platform, globally, for more than 10 years and it has proven to be a reliable, secure single source of data, and communication channel, scalable and capable of supporting the evolution of the business, the growth of our banking network and the expansion of the company’s structure.

Matteo Somaini, General Manager Finance, DITH SA

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