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Established in 2001, ELCY is an independent private company providing e-commerce solutions for the processing of international trade finance.

The core product is elcyMBP, a multi-bank portal, enabling corporates to communicate in a secure and authenticated manner with all their trade finance banks through one centralised platform.

Corporate clients have typically employed elcyMBP and related products initially in their head offices where they have realised significant structural and cost benefits. This has given them the confidence to extend their use of elcyMBP to all their international offices engaged in trade finance business in order to achieve a comprehensive management of their worldwide trade finance activity. The ELCY Limit module gives corporates the critical ability to centrally monitor global trade finance exposure to all their banks in real time and to monitor underlying counterpart outstandings.

Any SWIFT registered bank in the world is able to receive authenticated operational instructions via elcyMBP and advise export instruments to our corporate clients. This means that ELCY, uniquely, can offer corporates the ability to communicate with all their banks through one portal for all their trade finance business both on the import and export sides.

Banks that place a strong emphasis on their presence in the trade finance marketplace have chosen to become fully registered on elcyMBP. In doing so they have not only put themselves in an improved position to service their existing and potential multi-banked clients but also enjoy a tailored service for their front, middle and back offices handling trade finance business. Many banks are now opting for a fully integrated solution with ELCY via APIs to achieve straight through processing for their trade finance business.

elcyMBP and related products represent a set of sophisticated tools for trade finance professionals having been designed by trade finance experts with extensive corporate and banking experience. Training of clients’ trade finance staff and ongoing support for the Site is handled by specialist personnel all of whom have a strong background in the trade finance marketplace.

Our goal is to cement our position as the leading global provider of multi-bank trade finance solutions through the talents and dedication of our team, the strength of our technology and total commitment to our clients.

We are at the forefront of innovation in the trade finance marketplace and constantly review our products to ensure we continue to provide the best solutions to our customers’ needs.


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